Resource Library - Tech/Internet Bills

The following is a selection of technology- and Internet-related bills being considered in the 2004 session of the Tennessee General Assembly. If you find any broken links or omissions, please let me know.
Bill Number and StatusTNDF ActionBill Summary
SB0193/HB0301- General Assembly - Requires LIS to develop system of posting floor and committee roll call votes on Internet; requires final actions of committees be taken by roll call vote; requires that all meetings of general assembly and committees be open meetings; requires registry of election finance to post campaign financial disclosure forms on Internet. - Amends TCA Title 2, Chapter 10, Part 2; Title 3, Chapter 16, Part 1; Title 3, Chapter 2, Part 1 and Section 8-44-102.
SB0409/HB1101- Municipal Government - Requires joint ventures between municipality operating electric plant and other entity to provide cable, Internet, and related services to be approved by referendum; revises requirements of business plan municipal electric system files with office of comptroller of treasury. - Amends TCA Title 7, Chapter 52, Part 1 and Title 7, Chapter 52, Part 6.
SB2097/HB2208- Sexual Offenses - Makes the name and address of any college in this state at which a sexual offender is employed or attends public information and available by October 1, 2004, on the Tennessee Internet home page for convictions occurring on or after July 1, 1997, rather than October 27, 2002. - Amends TCA Section 40-39-106.
SB2112/HB2216- Hospitals and Health Care Facilities - Requires nursing homes to post signage denoting whether facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems; requires information be published on state Web site. - Amends TCA Title 68, Chapter 11, Part 2.
SB2200/HB2201Under ReviewPublic Records - Authorizes any notice required by law to be published in newspaper or at court house, to be published on radio, television or other electronic media if public interest will be served by such publication. - Amends TCA Title 2; Title 4; Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 9; Title 12; Title 13; Title 26; Title 39; Title 40; Title 43; Title 45; Title 47; Title 49; Title 54; Title 56; Title 59; Title 62; Title 64; Title 66; Title 67; Title 68 and Title 69.
SB2326/HB3178- Radio and Television - Raises amount of civil penalty for theft of cable television service. - Amends TCA Title 7.
SB2343/HB3469Under ReviewComputers and Electronic Processing - Enacts the "Anti-Spam Act of 2004". - Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 14 and Title 47, Chapter 18, Part 25.
SB2347/HB3175- Election Laws - Authorizes each county election commission to develop Internet-based electronic filing process for use by candidates for local public office and political campaign committees for a local election in such county or in municipalities located in such county. - Amends TCA Title 2, Chapter 12, Part 1.
SB2500/HB2679- Solid Waste Disposal - Enacts "Tennessee Electronic Waste Recycling Act"; requires state contracts for purchase of computer equipment to provide for recycling of replaced, obsolete equipment. - Amends TCA Title 12, Title 47 and Title 68.
SB2683/HB2884Under ReviewCriminal Offenses - Creates Class A misdemeanor offense of using an audiovisual recording device to record, without the consent of the owner, the exhibition of a motion picture and gives owner same power to detain person as retail merchants have to detain shoplifter. - Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 14, Part 1.
SB2741/HB2891- Taxes, Exemption - Enacts the "Tennessee Broadband Technology Incentive Act of 2004". - Amends TCA Title 65 and Title 67.
SB2757/HB2698Under ReviewPublic Utilities - Redefines "telephone service" to include only communications through the use of electricity. - Amends TCA Title 65, Chapter 29.
SB2826/HB2821- Child Custody and Support - Removes ability of department to cause notice of child support lien to be filed on computer; removes department's ability to develop central site for recording lien notices; removes department's ability to post lien filing information on Internet. - Amends TCA Section 36-5-901.
SB2909/HB2715- Safety, Dept. of - Requires the department of safety to post an Internet registry of all persons who have been convicted of second or subsequent offenses related to driving under the influence of an intoxicant. - Amends TCA Section 4-3-2013.
SB3275/HB3075Under ReviewElection Laws - Requires county election commission to place source codes for vote counting software for electronic voting machines in approved escrow facility prior to election for purpose of recount or accuracy tests. - Amends TCA Title 2.
SB3101/HB3391Under ReviewCriminal Offenses - Rewrites the offense of communication theft, punishes offense as theft, provides civil remedies and statutory damages, combines present offense of cable television theft. - Amends TCA Title 7, Chapter 59 and Title 39, Chapter 14.
HB2662- Purchasing - Deletes requirement that manufacturers of chemical products seeking to bid for state, county and municipal purchases must list a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for such chemical products on the Internet through the national MSDS search repository and makes a MSDS operated by the manufacturer or a trade association which is accessible online by the public acceptable. - Amends TCA Section 5-14-207; Section 6-56-307 and Section 12-3-217.

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