2/24Senate Judiciary Committee passes SB3101, referring it to the Finance, Ways & Means Committee.
2/24The House Judiciary Committee's Criminal Practice & Procedure Subcommittee hears debate on HB3391, then defers action until 3/2.
2/17Senate Judiciary Committee hears debate on SB3101, deferring action to 2/24.
2/17Bill Hobbs publishes an incendiary story about the handling of SB3101 and TNDF.
2/5HB3391, companion bill to SB3101, is filed for introduction.
2/2SB3101 was introduced in the General Assembly.
1/29TNDF becomes aware of the 1/26 hearing and SB3101.
1/28MTSU student newspaper The Sidelines reports on the 1/26 hearing.
1/26Joint Committee on Communications Security approves Tom Tigue's version of the bill, later known as SB3101.
10/29Joint Committee on Communications Security meets in public hearing. TNDF and other opponents of the consumer control bill speak.
10/28Joint Committee on Communications Security meets in public hearing. Proponents of the consumer control bill speak, but are thwarted by thoughtful, intelligent questions from the Committee. TNDF is present in force.
6/13SJR0579 is signed into law by Governor Bredesen.
6/2SJR0579 is signed by the speakers after passing both houses.
5/27Senate Judiciary Committee takes SB213 off notice, effectively killing the bill for the 2003 session.
Senator Person files SJR0579 for introduction, to create a joint committee to study communications security.
5/21House Budget Subcommittee defers hearing on HB457 until May 27.
5/20House Budget Subcommittee defers hearing on HB457 until May 21 at 9:00am.
5/20Tennessee Digital Freedom Network delegation presents to the House Republican Caucus
5/19House Budget Subcommittee reschedules hearing on HB457 for May 20 at 10:00am.
5/19Closed meeting with Anne Carr and TCTA representatives to discuss our amendment
5/14House Budget Subcommittee defers hearing on HB457 until May 21.
5/8HB457 is placed on the May 14th calendar of the Budget Subcommittee of the House Finance Ways & Means Committee.
House Amendment 495, signed by Rep. Joe Fowlkes, is posted.
Our group's efforts are featured on TechTV's The Screen Savers.
5/7The House Judiciary Committee recommends the amended version of HB457 for passage, and refers it to the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee.
5/6House sponsor Rob Briley (D-Nashville) meets with opponents and lobbyists in his office to discuss his bill.
Tennessee Digital Freedom fighters appear again at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to oppose SB213. The bill is not heard, and action is deferred until May 20.
5/5A meeting is held to prepare for tomorrow's legislative activities.
5/5Mary Brace interviewed our group's Scott Kozicki and Luke Kanies live on WRLT.
5/3A meeting is held to prepare for the weeks' hearings and meetings with legislators.
5/2Our group is mentioned, and Jay Kosturko is quoted, in a front page article in the Nashville City Paper.
4/30Action on HB457 is deferred until 5/6.
4/29The second live meeting is held at Scott Kozicki's Nashville home to prepare for Wednesday's potential HB457 hearing.
4/27The redesigned Tennessee Digital Freedom Website goes online.
Publicity flyers become available.
Bill analyses are posted to the Tennessee Digital Freedom Forum.
4/26The first live meeting of Tennessee Digital Freedom proponents is held in Nashville.
4/25tonyc.com/digitalforum is receiving well over 10,000 hits a day.
tndf.com goes live.
4/23tndigitalfreedom.org, the TNDF and tonyc.com/digitalforum go live.
HB457 is placed on the House Judiciary Committee calendar for 4/30.
4/22At least 20 students, IT professionals and concerned citizens appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose SB213. Senator Person defers further action on the bill until May 6.
HB457 is recommended for passage if amended by subcommittee, referred to House Judiciary Committee.
4/21David Turner posts an article on Slashdot.org about tomorrow's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, alerting many Tennesseans to the "Super-DMCA" bill for the first time. TechTV's The Screen Savers also sounds the alarm.
4/16SB213 is placed on Senate Judiciary Committee calendar for 4/22.
HB457 is placed on Criminal Procedure and Practice Subcommittee calendar for 4/22.
4/15Action on SB213 in Senate Judiciary Committee is deferred to 4/22.
Action on HB457 is subcommittee is deferred to 4/22.
4/9SB213 is placed on Senate Judiciary Committee calendar for 4/15.
HB457 is placed on subcommittee calendar for 4/15.
4/8Action on HB457 in subcommittee is deferred to 4/15.
4/2HB457 is assigned to Criminal Procedure and Practice Subcommittee and placed on the calendar for 4/08.
2/12HB457 passes second consideration, is referred to House Judiciary Committee.
2/10SB213 passes second consideration, and is referred to the Senate Judiciary Committeee.
HB457 passes first consideration.
2/6SB213 is introduced, passes first consideration.
House Bill 457 is filed for introduction.
2/5Senate Bill 213 is filed for introduction.